5-7 Ton Diesel Forklift

All EuroLift’s 5-7 Ton Diesel Forklifts incorporate the best features of the smaller units, combined with high performance lifting capabilities and exceptional quality.

These units are available with various mast options to suit your specific material handling requirements and come standard with low maintenance LED lights and the desirable S6S Mitsubishi engine.


5-7 ton diesel forklift.jpg
mitsubishi engine Model: S6S-T(EuⅢ/EPAⅢ)
Manufacture: Mitsubishi
Rated output: 63.9 Kw /2300
Rated torque: 293 N.m /1700
No. of cylinder: 6
Bore×Stroke: 94×120 mm
Displacement: 4.996 L
Fuel tank capacity: 140L


5-7 ton diesel forklift