Electric / Battery Forklifts

Bespoke Components

With the positioning of the superior performance AC drive motor adjacent to the frame width, the battery compartment has been mounted lower down the down therefore creating a lower centre of gravity. Also allowing further stability of the units is the AC hydraulic pump and steering motors which are mounted underneath the floor plate – this also provides easy access for maintenance purposes. The heavy duty gear case also offers unobtrusive and reliable performance.

Electrical Systems

The truck is equipped with AC type drive, pump and steering motors providing high torque performance and reduced maintenance. The proven and reliable ZAPI AC controller provides infinitely variable drive and lift control and features regenerative braking to capture and reserve energy. The regenerative braking feature is programmable for specific applications and increases run time between charges. An emergency power disconnect switch is within easy reach should an electrical problem occur.

Panoramic View Mast

EuroLift’s Electric/Battery Operated Forklifts’ I Beam and C channel assembly produces a durable, unyielding mast which eradicates any opportunity for possible deflection.

With the intelligent hydraulic lift system, lowering speeds are better controlled and managed whilst large inner and outer rail rollers afford the unit improved capacity and reduced opportunity for deterioration.  side thrust rollers warrant additional lateral support and specified alignment without the maintenance cost

Operator Convenience And Safety

With forward facing, right hand hydraulic controls that permit one hand multi functions, superior suspension safety seat with forward, aft and lumbar options that have all been ergonomically designed, operator comfort is paramount on EuroLift’s Electric/Battery Forklifts. Entry and exit into and out of the Forklifts proves easy with a large grab bar, well positioned, wide steps and sizable floor area. Further to this, the suitably positioned common pedal offers accurate acceleration and braking operations, even in light rain.
To ensure effective monitoring of all product functions including battery charge levels, travel speeds, direction control and hour meter, the Illuminated LED display panel sits within the operator’s line of sight and features on-board diagnostics and terms to be able to alert the operator of any malfunction which in turn reduces downtime for maintenance purposes.

Easy Maintenance

All EuroLift Electric/Battery Forklifts offer easy access to hinged, lightweight battery compartments, electric control panels and related equipment for maintenance purposes and to help reduce wear and tear.  The hinged battery compartment cover is lightweight and easy to operate.

Green Technology

We are acutely aware of the effects not only our, but all industry is having on our environment so have therefore ensured that all the EuroLift products offer higher, efficient performance providing clean air, reduced noise and safe operation.