Heavy Duty Forklifts

EuroLift offer various heavy –duty forklifts ranging from 14 – 32 tons

Design Intelligence

EuroLift’s Heavy Duty Forklifts have all been integrated with the CAN-Bus system – a reliable form of technology that offers full diagnostic proficiencies which simplifies the maintenance requirements of the truck, permits the unified link between the Vehicle Control Module (VMC) and Engine Control Module (ECM). This technology offers instantaneous accessibility to all system information and with its state-of-the-art wiring methodology and improved performance; EuroLift’s Heavy Duty Forklifts prove an advantage over conventional systems.  

Power & Performance

EuroLift’s Heavy Duty 14-32t / 30,000-70,000 LB capacity Forklift range come with the Cummins Diesel engine meeting a world standard Tier 3 NRMM emissions legislation: 

12-20t / 26,000-44,000 LB capacity forklift 20-32t / 30,000 / 70,000 LB capacity forklift
Cummins QSB 6.7 diesel engine features: Cummins QSC 8.3 diesel engine features:
› 6-cylinder in-line, 6.7 litre displacement charge-air cooling w/waste gate controlled turbocharger › 6-cylinder in-line , 6.7 litre displacement Charge-air cooling w/ waste gate controlled turbocharger
›Max 142 kW (192 Hp) output at 2300 rpm, offering added durability for long periods of peak performance ›Max 176 kW (238 Hp) output at 2500 rpm, offering added durability for long periods of peak performance
Smooth torque of 930 Nm / LB FT at 1500 rpm provides excellent acceleration for maximum power Smooth torque of 1085 Nm / LB FT at 1500 rpm
provides excellent acceleration for maximum

EuroLift’s Heavy Duty Forklift’s come standard with an override function for emergency situations and intelligent engine protection system which detects low oil pressure and high coolant temperatures, the Cummins engine monitors its performance, shutting down should a malfunction occur

Improved Fuel Economy

EuroLift Heavy Duty Forklift’s come standard with the minimum Tier 3 international efficiency requirements and are programmed to reduce speeds which offsets fuel consumption which is maintained through the HPCR ECM system. Alternate Governor and Torque settings are also included

Germany’s Internationally acclaimed ZF Transmission

EuroLift Heavy Duty Forklifts operate off the ZF transmission (Germany) in the14-32 Ton trucks which offer fully reversible power shift control, forward and reverse speeds (three of each), positive speed engagement and customer oriented service accessibility. This technology proves specifically effective in reducing operating costs and noise levels and is applicable for electronic driveline management and inching.

Drive Axle and Braking Systems

The drive axle on the EuroLift Heavy Duty Forklift is a KESSLER product from Germany and with full floating axle shafts and hub planetary final drives that reduce axle windup which optimises torque levels which permits greater traction and effortless performance, offers exceptional lateral stability and extended durability. The American MICO Corporation’s superb multi-plate wet disc braking system has been installed in all EuroLift Heavy Duty Forklifts

Operator Visibility

Operators of EuroLift’s Heavy Duty Forklifts can enjoy a panoramic view with the sizable curved front window that’s fitted with tinted safety glass and display panel mounted to the right side of the operator which offers unobstructed views whereas a curved rear window with one-piece glass provides the best possible rear views . Because of the reduced amount of steel parts, external viewing capacities have been enhanced whilst wide-view rear-view mirrors inside the truck’s cab ensures cleanliness and protection. The wide-view mast assists with ideal front load views and backwards visibility is improved with the sloping design of the bonnet and counterweight. 

Doubled Maintenance Intervals and Effective Diagnostic Program

EuroLift’s Heavy Duty Forklifts all come with the Cummins Tier 3 Scheduled Maintenance programs which comes standard with either a manual or power hydraulic titling cab, offers 500 hour/6-month intervals for charge air cooled and coolant changes, dual stage fuel filtration that convalesces particle separation, filter life and the protection of the fuel system mechanisms. As per other Eurolift forklift products, lower positioned steps and robust grab bars allow operators easy access to the cab and precise placement of all tubing and hoses (hydraulic and electrical) ensure easy accessibility for maintenance purposes.

Green & Clean

EuroLift’s Heavy Duty Forklifts include the Euro III / EPA system; diesel engines that integrate both Japanese and American borne advanced engine technologies that offer exceptional environmental operation that follows the most recent EPA Tier3 and EU Stage IIIA emission regulations.

Optional Equipment

  • Specific masts 3M/118" MFH to 6M/240" MFH Simplex mast
  • Side shift/Fork position carriages with shaft type forks
  • Solid Pneumatic size tires
  • Air conditioning
  • Rear camera surveillance system
  • Special RAL colours
  • Comprehensive selection of attachments