Petrol / LPG Forklifts

EuroLift’s objective is to be able to provide superior quality products that provide optimal productivity eliminating the opportunity for downtime and have developed a reputation for their robust engineering and component make-up that are agile and easily operational in almost every application. 

Ergonomic Design

With forward facing hydraulic controls, superior suspension safety seat and left hand travel levers, operator comfort on EuroLift’s Diesel and Gasoline/LPG Forklifts, is paramount and productivity optimal. Entry and exit into and out of the Diesel Forklift proves easy with a large grab bar, well positioned, wide steps and sizable floor area. Further to this, suitably positioned pedals, rubber floor mat and effectively mounted user compartments reduces vibration which helps combat operator fatigue.

Wide View Mast

EuroLift’s Diesel and Gasoline/LPG Forklifts I Beam and C Channel mast rails have been strategically placed in order to ensure a wider frontwards view of the tips and loads. Rollers roll freely and side thrust rollers warrant additional lateral support. All rollers are adjustable externally to be able to maintain the mast and carriage alignment and hydraulic hoses are positioned behind the masts as additional protection and enhanced viewing capabilities

Hydraulic System

EuroLift’s Diesel and Gasoline/LPG Forklifts offer all its hydraulic cylinders with superior seals, hose and fittings. Steel tubes have proven vital for operator safety and the integrated speed valve ensures complete control over the ascending and descending speeds. Additional operator ease and manoeuvrability capabilities comes in the form of the adjustable steering wheel and power steering

Cooling Systems

A recently designed composite fan blade offers better air-flow through the forklift’s cooling system channels and the combined engine coolant and transmission fluid radiator design guarantees optimal air flow through the counterweight. Aluminium radiators ensure control over the engine’s coolant temperatures and heat dissipation. 

Electrical System

The integrated diagnostic systems optimises service requirements and helps reduce maintenance costs whilst the illuminated instrument panel offers effective viewing capabilities and a LCD display monitors the forklift’s vital components and intricate electrical systems. An advanced wiring harness uses waterproof conduits and an encased multiunit fuse module which enhances the circuit security and reliability.

A Clean Green Machine

We are acutely aware of the effects not only our, but all industry is having on our environment so have therefore ensured that all the EuroLift LPG and Diesel engine products are EPA tier 3 and EU stage IIIA rated engines certified to meet and/or exceed CARB emissions. EuroLift’s high performance engines use less fuel per operating hour and eliminate harmful emissions and effective engine covers open to the back for effectual access to the engine partitions and the ‘lift out’ floor plate offers easy access to all drive